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Managing rep programs while trying to capture as much data as possible in a fast-paced environment is tough. So we built Zordinate

With Zordinate, worry less about managing your brand ambassadors and more about driving the results you need.

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Organized Project Management

Zordinate enables managers and ambassadors to measure and visualize their performance in a simple way.

Task Assignments

Manage your to-do's and stay on top of the team's progress.

Event Statistics

Field reps input the same key metrics you use to measure success for offline events.

Automatic Reminders

Spend less time following up with your ambassadors or checking on activity completion.

Productivity Analytics

Optimize your team’s productivity based on activities - including submissions & task due dates.

Designed for Community Collaboration

Collaborate with your team in Zordinate group chat rooms on everything from your daily activities to your promotional goals for the year.


Heightened Engagement with Team Members

Your feed becomes a branded space for your members to:

  • Share photo ideas for event tables
  • Easily access key resources and files
  • Make announcements and showcase their best work
  • Survey team members through group polling

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